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Reaching Out With TCTC

A Strong Web Presence

TCTC maintains a strong presence on the Internet, having multiple sites that cater to different aspects of its training. Through its websites it offers news, information and promotions to those wishing to extend their knowledge of ICT. TCTC also maintains a strong Social Media presence and has a very active Facebook page, as well as a YouTube channel. This allows our students a fast and simple way to stay in touch with us, and allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of what our customers want. Also, these are ideal platforms for providing our students with free educational content in a variety of downloadable formats.

Educational TV

Always at the forefront of innovation, TCTC has also brought computer training to television through educational programmes such as CLICK, E-BIZ and EGOV4U. The educational content and convenience of learning from home has seen these programmes become extremely popular and TCTC further cementits position as a household name within the
computer training sector. TCTC has gained experience in all aspects of the broadcasting process. It has both produced and presented educational programmes, delivering them in a format that is entertaining and informative. As a result, TCTC’s programming has received a variety of broadcasting awards for its excellent content and unique style.

Featured TV Shows