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ICDL Workforce Round Robin in just 7 weeks!

Course Description:

ICDL Workforce course is ideal for anyone who wish to build the digital skills and knowledge, preparing candidates for the world of work where computer skills are involved. This course coveres a wide variety of digital skills needed for today's workplace. The International Computing Driving Licence (ICDL) is  the most widely recognized computer qualification in the world. 

What should I know before I join this course?

Sound knowledge of Computer skills
English - Letter Recognition

Delivery of Course:

The delivery of this course is carried out in class at our TCTC centres in Naxxar, Paola & Gozo. 


ICDL Workforce notes will be sent via Google Drive.

Course Contents:

The ICDL Workforce course consists of 5 compulsory modules and 2 elective modules, 7 modules in total. In this course, you will have 7 sessions of  3 hours, resulting in a total of 21 hours which includes lessons, mocks & exams. The ECDL Standard Certificate is awarded to candidates who successfully pass all 7 modules.



The 5 Compulsory Modules

  • Computer & Online Essentials
  • Documents (Word Processing)
  • Presentation
  • Spreadsheets
  • Teamwork

The 2 Elective Modules

  • Databases
  • Cyber Security

The pass rates for this Certification:

  • The pass mark is 75% for all modules.


The Certificate awarded on successful completion of the seven (7) ICDL Workforce Modules offered by ICDL Malta and awarded by the ICDL Foundation is referenced to Level 3 of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for Lifelong Learning. 

ECDL Standard Certificate (5 Compulsory + 2 Elective Modules) = MQF Level 3

The National Commission for Further & Higher Education deems the ICDL Standard Certificate to be at Level 3 of the Malta Qualifications Framework and of the European Qualifications for Framework for Lifelong Learning.

Note that:

  • Although the ICDL Certificate is rated at the same level (i.e. MQF Level 3) as a Secondary Education Certificate/Ordinary Level Certificate, this does not mean that the ICDL certificate is to be used as a replacement for the Secondary Education Certificate/Ordinary Level Certificate.
  • The Malta Qualifications Framework determines the exit points of qualifications. The entry requirements to programmes of study are at the discretion of the education and training providers.

Start Dates:

Location: Naxxar
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Location: Naxxar
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Location: Naxxar
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Location: Paola
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Kindly note that €215 covers lessons for all modules and €180 applies for exams & mocks. For more info contact TCTC on 21421784/5 or 21820819

Price: € 395
€100 to book your place
Get your ICDL in just 7 weeks!

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