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Complaints & Internal Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Questionnaire

It is common practice for TCTC to ask our students to help us improve our training experience by clicking on this link and quickly fill in this End of Course Questionnaire.

Quality Assurance Handbook 

for TCTC Tutors and Students

This handbook will soon be available for viewing. Currently under construction. For more information and queries on this matter, please contact TCTC on 21421784/5 for the time being.


This is our ONLINE complaints area and should be filled by students who wish to file a complaint with TCTC. 

You are urged to fill in this online complaint form, giving us as much detail as possible, so we will be able to follow easily your complaint.

Once you SUBMIT your complaint, we will follow it up and will contact you back with possible solutions.

TCTC Management