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Where will the courses be held?

Computer Classroom and Hardware

All courses will be held at the our TCTC centres that are closer and easily accessible by your staff. We have centres mainly in every region and Gozo. In order for TCTC to organise a group exclusively for your company staff, we would require the least 10 students that are able to attend in the same group. Alternatively, and more convenient, should you have more than 36 people attending, we can organise a class at your premises and this training will be carried out onsite. This will avoid additional time for your staff to arrive at our premises.


Many of these courses are ongoing, so you can contact TCTC on 21421784/5 and our staff will guide you with the groups and schedules available. If you opt for groups, I would recommend to set up a meeting and discuss this project in further detail and planning

Pre Course Assessment and Application form

TCTC has an online system already available for this purpose.An questionnaire that can be filled online will give us the necessary feedback to determine the level of competence of your students, and then establish a plan of what your training needs are.The application form is also online, so you do not need to have any manual applications from your staff. All is saved and can be exported in XLS so that together we will be able to evaluate your staff needs.


All certificates will be printed by TCTC and signed by TCTC School Director. You as an employer, will have your logo printed on certificates unless these certificate come directly from the competent accredited institutions such as ECDL or City & Guilds.

For more information and enquiries please contact TCTC on 21421784/5 or email for an appointment.



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Level 1 = MQF-2

Level 2 = MQF-3

Level 3 = MQF-4

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