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In today’s life, one cannot live without the use of Computers and Internet. Children are introduced to computers from a young age and later on have examinations in computing related subjects. Many individuals use computers at work or at home during the day.  Communication is held through several services, such as exchanging of e-mails and social networking. Currently, even online shopping has become more popular with people.

Several computing technical words such as e-mail, e-commerce, e-government, processors, megabytes, internet security, parental control and many more have been added to our everyday vocabulary. Can anyone afford not to keep abreast with Information Technology (IT)?

Click is a program that began to be aired live on Super One Television from January 2002, comprising a whole range of IT related subjects, from support, internet, gadgets, gaming and educational software. The primary aim of the program is to target all generations, and therefore, Click is planned for children, teenagers, adults and also the elderly.   All topics discussed are explained in a simple and straightforward way so that a computer illiterate viewer will find it easy to understand while upholding the interest of the computer literate people.

Click is produced and presented by Ray Abela who  is no new name in Information Technology (IT) TV related programs. 

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