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About Ray Abela

Mr Ray Abela has been very instrumental in the delivery of e-inclusion amongst generations in Malta & Gozo. He conducted several projects on a national level together with his company TCTC, the private and public sector especially with local councils. He has attracted the likes of corporations to his productions and projects such as the government and all its relevant authorities/ agencies, private corporations like Microsoft, Smart City and more.

The projects aimed at the delivery of basic to advanced ICT skills include IKIDS, EFAMILJA, LEARNIT, EANZJAN, EBIZ, ICT4U and more.

His TV experience started in 2002 with his first production on ONE TV i.e. DOT ONE. The following year, he invented the TV programme CLICK which was aired on different stations including Education 22 and recently with 39 programmes on TVM/ TVM2. Along these years he was also behind the production and presentation of other educational programmes i.e. LURA fil-KLASSI, E-BIZ and EGOV4U.

The latter was an international project amongst 6 different EU countries, for which Mr Ray Abela was a Senior Consultant with the local partners i.e. LCA and FTZ. As part of his responsibilities, Mr Abela produced the overall informative and educational platform of this project as well the e-learning portal for all the E-GOV services. This included EGOV4U TV aired on all TV stations between October 2011-12. There were 39 programmes in all each of 30 minutes duration.

Mr Ray Abela, has also worked as a PR & Marketing executive with Education 22 between 2005-2007, and was instrumental with the creation of the E22 PR strategy and WEB portal.

CLICK was nominated  in 2006  and EBIZ emerged as the Information Society winner from The Computer Society in 2007.

Mr Ray Abela has been in the ICT and training business for the past 28 years, producing educational TV programmes for the past 12 years and in a recent public opinion poll by the Economic Update Magazine, he placed 3rd amongst the 20+ years experienced Top entrepreneurs. His innovative vision and ideas for projects mainly on e-Inclusion and to support the Digital Divide cause is immensely appreciated from the private and public sector.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Those are very true words that have pushed me through my years in business. Life is not about sitt ing by and waiting for things to happen. You must act and make opportunities where none may seem to exist. I strongly believe that real leaders are ordinary people, with extraordinary vision, communication, and determination. They push forwards, seeing the path to follow when everyone else holds back. Perhaps it is for that reason that I have always looked for new ways of doing things. Innovation and creativity have alw ays driven me and pushed me forwards. It is these elements that have led me into new pathways, such as consult ancy and advisory services. I continually see new pathways, and yet I know that still more awaits my discovery. That fills me with excitement and drives me onwards each new day. I know with certainty that the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. I have made it my life’s work to do just that, and I hope to continue seeing them in the years to come.

“I have no words to explain the gratitude towards these three key people in my life, and I like to think they look at me now with satisfaction for what I have achieved,” Ray says. He still believes that it is vital to understand clearly what your customers need and respond to those needs with creative solutions, while simultaneously injecting passion into everything you do to ensure that you always stand out from your competitors.


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