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Level 4 Pre-Tertiary Certificate in Health and Social Care, 36 ECTS

Provider: Apex Academy

Course Information:

Course Title: Pre-Tertiary Certificate in Health and Social Care, Level 4, 36 ECTS

Course Type: Award

National Qualification Framework Level: MQF Level 4

Programme Duration: 5 Months (Full-Time) 

Placement Hours: 48 Hours of Supervised Placement

Mode of Attendance: Full-Time

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-Face Lectures & Hands-On Practice

Total ECTS Credits: 36 ECTS 

Course Language: English

TCTC is proudly supporting this qualification that is awarded by Apex Academy.

Location: Mrieħel

Course Description:

This award has been strategically designed in a way to provide the necessary knowledge for individuals who would like to work in the industry of healthcare. It gives an overview of all the main aspects and components which one would deal with within healthcare.

Course Overview:

Every Module will be divided in 4 individual sessions.

Learning Hours for every Module:

  • Contact hours: 15
  • Supervised placement hours: 4
  • Self-study hours: 42
  • Assessment hours: 14

The ‘Role of the Care Worker’ Module:

  • Contact hours: 30
  • Supervised placement hours: 8
  • Self-study hours: 84
  • Assessment hours: 28

Modules Offered:

  1. Managing Challenging Behaviour
  2. Dementia Care and Awareness
  3. Nutrition for Senior Citizens
  4. Food Safety and Hygiene
  5. Working in a Safe and Healthy Environment
  6. Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
  7. Palliative and End of Life Care
  8. Moving and Handling Patients with Care
  9. The Role of the Care Worker
  10. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  11. The Person-Centred Care Approach

Each module is equivalent to 3 ECTS.  ‘The Role of Care Worker‘ Module is equivalent to 6 ECTS

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes for Knowledge obtained at the end of the programme:

The learner will be able to:

  1. Recognise the importance and the role of a care-worker in the patient’s life;
  2. Recall what challenging behaviour is, and identify ways to managing such behaviour;
  3. Name the main concepts of dementia and demonstrate understanding factors which influence behaviour with patients suffering from dementia;
  4. Recognise the nutritional and dietary needs for the elderly and demonstrate ability to understand nutritional screening and assessments;
  5. List effective ways to store food in order to ensure food hygiene whilst also demonstrating an understanding of the role of personal hygiene and health to prevent contamination through food whilst caring for others;
  6. Describe the role of health and safety when caring for others, whilst making reference to health and safety law;
  7. Name terms related to epidemiology and viral diseases, whilst demonstrating awareness of the basic practices to prevent and control infectious disease when caring for others;
  8. Describe the most effective ways to deal with patients which are in palliative and end of life care;
  9. Identify the best way to move and handle patients with care;
  10. Recognise vulnerable adults and abusive situations and demonstrate ability to report an abuse;
  11. Identify the role of a person-centred care approach and why it is the most effective way of caring for patients;

Click here to view the learning outcomes for each module.

Course Modules & Assessment:

Module 1 – The Role of the Care Worker

  1. Case Analysis (30%)
  2. Group presentation and discussion (30%)
  3. Multiple choice exam (40%)

Module 2 – The Person-Centred Care Approach

  1. Written assignment (50%)
  2. Group discussion (20%)
  3. The submission of a Person-Centred Care Plan (30%)

Module 3 - Dementia Care and Awareness

  1. Activities booklet (10%)
  2. Essay (40%)
  3. Written assignment (50%)

Module 4 – Managing Challenging Behaviour

  1. Activities booklet (10%)
  2. Contemplative essay (40%)
  3. Written assignment (50%)

Module 5 – Nutrition for Senior Citizens

  1. Written assignment (50%)
  2. Case study (30%)
  3. Meal plan (20%)

Module 6 – Food Safety and Hygiene

  1. Multiple choice exam (75%)
  2. Portfolio of activities (covering all material thought – 25%)

Module 7 – Working in a Safe and Healthy Environment

  1. Written assignment (50%)
  2. Presentation and group discussion (50%)

Module 8 – Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

  1. Written assignment (50%)
  2. Case study (50%)

Module 9 – Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

  1. Case analysis (60%)
  2. Group presentation and discussion (40% - presentation about the various types of abuse and ways to prevent it)

Module 10 – Moving and Handling Patients with Care

  1. Practical assessment (50%)
  2. Written assignment (50%)

Module 11 – Palliative and End of Life Care

  1. Contemplative essay (25%)
  2. Written exam (50%)
  3. Case analysis (25%)

Click here to learn more about Course Assessment

Career Opportunities:

  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Support Worker
  • Dementia Carer
  • Community Health Worker
  • Patient Care Assistant
  • Personal Care Worker In Health Care Services
  • Home-Based Personal Care Worker
  • Home Care Aide
  • Community Health aide

Course Intended for:

Age Group: 16+

Existing professionals or newbies who may want to further their career in elderly care/sector can amplify their skills and knowledge of this topic with our accredited Health Care Assistant award, and it could make all the difference in escalating your career path.

Admission Requirements: 

  • Aged 16+ upon entry of course
  • Communicate using oral and written English
  • Minimum school leaving certificate
  • Clean Police Conduct
  • Copy of ID card or Passport

Fees and Fundings:

Total Tuition Fees:

Eur 1,100 (EU Nationals)

Qualification Framework: 

This course is accredited by the MFHEA, offered, delivered and awarded by Apex Academy. 

The Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) is responsible for fostering the development and achievement of excellence in Further and Higher education in Malta through effective licensing, accreditation, quality assurance, research, and recognition of programmes of study, established under the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF)





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