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Basic Information:

VNFIL stands for Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning. It is a process designed to recognise and acknowledge the skills, knowledge, and competencies that people acquire outside of formal education settings. VNFIL provides a structured and systematic way to assess and validate learning experiences gained through activities such as work, volunteering, self-study, or other non-formal and informal means. The aim is to bridge the gap between traditional academic qualifications and the valuable skills and expertise individuals can develop through practical experiences. This process allows individuals to gain formal recognition for their informal learning, enhancing their employability, encouraging lifelong learning, and fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to education and skill development.
Authorised VNFIL Centre

TCTC, adopts a  candidate-centric approach to the Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (VNFIL). Our Centre is authorised by MFHEA ( to carry out candidate assessment and certification for VNFIL in the building and construction industry. Our centre's commitment to quality is evident in the structured and systematic process we employ to assess and validate learning experiences gained through various non-formal and informal channels. We prioritise transparency, clear communication, and adaptability in our approach, ensuring that the validation process is not only efficient but also tailored to meet the unique needs of each candidate. We aim to provide a positive and individualised experience, offering formal recognition for the valuable skills individuals bring from diverse learning environments.

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Create a diagram for the application process that follows the following:

Application Intake:

Applications are received either online via the application form that is being created specifically for the programme or via physical submission by visiting TCTC offices. The candidate can choose which ever method is most convenient to him/her and can available him/herself of help either telephonically or in person if visiting TCTC offices.  Applicants applying need to have undertaken non-formal or informal learning for at least three years in one or more related occupations for validation assessment.

Initial Document Review:

Once an application is submitted, this is reviewed by TCTC administration team. The team conducts a non-technical initial review of the application to ensure all required documents are submitted. These shall include as a minimum:

-                      Copy of ID card of applicant (Front and Back)

-                      Filled in application form (digital or physical) including all contact details

-                      JobsPlus job history demonstrating a minimum of 3 years work experience in line with legislative requirements

-                      Occupation for which the applicant wishes to apply for VNFIL.

Should the application be deemed as incomplete, this shall be flagged. In this case, the following process shall be adopted:

-                      Administration team is to contact the applicant by phone to inform him/her of the incomplete application and what is needed to complete the application

-                      A follow up email is sent highlighting the documents missing and that the application cannot be processed any further until the required documentation is provided.

-                      A follow up by call shall be done within 10 working days from initial notification if no further information is received from the applicant. This follow up is meant to provide assistance to the applicant should he/she have any difficulty understanding what is required. TCTC offers the option to applicants to visit TCTC offices and get all the needed support to complete the application.

-                      In cases where an application remains incomplete for 3 months and after unsuccessfully offering help to complete the application, the application shall be deemed withdrawn. In this case if the applicant wishes to submit the application, the full information will have to be resubmitted in a new application.

-                      In case the missing information is provided, the application is deemed complete and passes for application payment.

Application Payment:

Once the documents have been reviewed and the application is accepted, a payment request is sent to the applicant. The payment request shall be sent digitally, however the applicant shall have the option to visit TCTC offices to submit the payment in person. A receipt will be issued once the payment is completed. The application shall remain pending until full payment is received. In case the payment is not received within 3 months of initial request and after multiple contacts with the applicant, the application shall be deemed withdrawn.