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The Man behind TCTC

Following the completion of several graduate and diploma courses in programming and ICT management during my studies in UK, I found myself infused with enthusiasm and a determination to bring this knowledge back to Malta.

Developing TCTC

After gaining considerable experience with several large local organisations such as AT&T Malta and Airmalta, TCTC was born over 20 years ago. With the kind assistance of my parents, TCTC immediately began to offer training from a single room in Zejtun, where the company remained based for more than five years.

From the outset, I cultivated and developed a very specific skill set for business success. It is vital to understand clearly what your customers need and respond to those needs with creative solutions, while simultaneously injecting passion into everything you do to ensure that you always stand out from your competitors.

Lifelong Learning

As TCTC grew I was determined to bring my courses closer to communities. By forging strong partnerships with government institutions, as well as large corporations, I was able to bring IT training into the heart of communities and make “lifelong learning” easily accessible to all.

Through the corporate philosophy I have cultivated at TCTC, the organisation has continued to build strong links with individuals, public entities, private companies and corporate clients. These partnerships have enabled TCTC to evolve policies and practices which are unmatched by our competitors.

"Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary vision, communication and determination"

A multimedia approach

To continue the spirit of innovation in which TCTC was born, I have also worked to diversify the media through which IT training is delivered. Therefore, I have taken TCTC into television programming and this development has been very well received by our students.

Being involved in the presenting and production of these programmes has been a truly rewarding experience. In addition, I have also built a creative team at TCTC that produces educational DVDs, instructional material and manuals for all of our courses, allowing us to provide a true multimedia approach to learning.

A journey that continues...

Thanks to the efforts of my employees, I have succeeded in developing TCTC into a household name. And in 2011 I was very proud to be nominated as a candidate for the prestigious Entrepreneur of The Year Award by the Economic Update magazine.

Now I look forward to the years ahead and to developing further innovative and exciting learning opportunities for communities, giving thousands more the chance to discover the benefits that IT skills can bring.

"The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious"