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Our Philosophy

At TCTC we believe strongly in partnerships, both in business and with the communities that surround us. By working together we can build something far greater than we would achieve alone. And by co-operating, our successes can be shared to further enrich the world in which we live.
To achieve this, we have based our corporate philosophy on three pillars: responsibility to our communities, providing value to our partners and offering equal opportunities to all.

It is our responsibility to encourage all citizens from our communities to use computers and electronic services that will enrich their lives. We will strive to work with local and international partners to provide a robust mix of projects that cater for a diverse array of students which encompasses everyone from children to the elderly. We shall keep our training courses firmly within the reach of everyone, be that by physically maintaining strategically located training centres, or enlisting the financial assistance of sponsors and collaborators to ensure that IT training remains available to all.

We strive to provide value to our business partners by taking the time to understand their needs and working with them to create mutually beneficial solutions. TCTC fosters strategic partnerships that enable us to develop ventures that are beyond the scope of a single entity.

TCTC ensures that its students, employees and partners are treated equally, without any discrimination on grounds of age, sex, disability, race, colour, nationality, citizenship, religious belief, sexual orientation, marital status or other irrelevant distinction. We endeavour to foster a culture of trust, mutual respect and diversity within our organisation and in all our communications.