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ESF 4.181: Improving Public Management and Governance at Local Level 1

Professional Development Award in Public Management Governance at Local Level Award accredited at Level 5 by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education

Overall course objectives: 

  • To gain knowledge on, and assess the nature of public management and governance;  
  • To achieve a critical understanding of the main theoretical perspectives of collaborative strategy; 
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the key roles and relationships in financial and resource management; 
  • To understand and critically assess research within a policy context;
  • To examine and assess the characteristics of community governance and leadership; 
  • To understand and critically analyse public service regulation frameworks and inspection regimes as they relate to procurement and commissioning;
  • To critically analyse different planning and procurement models in public sector organisations, their underlying assumptions, risks and benefits;
  •  To develop critical understanding of the key concepts and drivers of change in public policy and public organisations in general.