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Community Courses


Course Description:

This innovative community project aims to deliver training to people working in the construction and development industry. This course is a pre-skill card preparatory course aims to instill the necessary skills to manage, promote and to work in construction entrepreneurship. Training will cover a spectrum of applications and opportunities that can be used in the industry. This course is also open for relatives that support members in their family working in this industry.

We all agree that this industry is core for our economy, and most institutions, including public,  promote funding and sustainable opportunities that one can tap. These opportunities aren’t only for the funding of projects but also for startups , re-skilling and training in modern management and for the better use of ICT in this digital era. This initiative plans to continue sustaining  itself through these funding opportunities.

The scope of this project is to embrace all this in one informative and practical course that will be supported under the auspices of the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital projects, BICC and TCTC.

Who Should Attend:

  • This course is aimed at people involved in the construction industry such as self employed, SME's, workers and also family and relative members of people in this industry. We recommend participants to be over 16 years of age.
  • Delivery of course will be in Maltese and English

How long is this course?

30 hours


Notes will be sent in electronic format

Course Contents:

Module 1 - BASIC Mathematics including (3 hours)

  • Conversions APPS
  • Standard Calculations
  • Measurements
  • Reading & Interpretation of a building plan
  • Bills of Material

Module 2 – Safety at Work (9 hours)

Module 3 – Sustainable Funding & Opportunities worksop (3 hours)

Module 4 – E-GOV services for the Industry Workshop (3 hours)

  • Planning Authority
  • OTHER E-GOV services

Module 5 – WORKSHOP (3 hours)

  • Delivery and training on the various essential APPS and website links needed in this industry

Module 6  - ICT and Applications (9 hours)

  • Using basic applications such as Spreadsheets for costings and quotes, issuing of employees salaries
  • Researching through Internet Browsing
  • Google Apps
  • Communicating through Mobile and Emails.
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Planning Cash Flows and Budgets
  • Computer Aided Design applications
  • Quotes, Accounting and Invoicing covering Debt Control
  • ICT4U Training MQF Level 2
3 certificates will be allowed on successful completion of this 30 hour course. TCTC will issue the ICT4U Training Award Certification, at MQF Level 2, to successful candidates while BICC will issue the Award in Health and Safety AwarenessCertificate, at MQF Level 1, to candidates who successfully complete this course. A participation certificate will also be awarded for the whole course.

All our groups have commenced and currently we do not have any open groups for registartion. If you are interested for this course kindly contact TCTC 21421784/5


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