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Robotica Nation, Coding & AI 2019

In Summer 2017, we launched ROBOTICA NATION. Over 2400 students aged 5-12 years have applied from Malta and Gozo. This has been an overwhelming success, and enquiries are already pouring in from parents for this Summer's training project at local councils. Last year, summer 2018, we have even attracted a better audience with over 2600 attending this training course covering ROBOTICA and CODING at the same time.

Let your child drive into robotics, programming logic, and structural design with our MRT Robotics Kits. They will use pulleys, levers and sensors to construct snapping alligators and snipping robots, then program the robots with the specially designed visual drag- and-drop software. Students will build a strong foundation of coding and robotics skills for their tech future. In today’s digital age, knowing how to code can be likened to being able to read. When we teach our children to read and write, add and subtract, we’re teaching them ways to interact with the world around us. The fact that many times we think about a list of steps that we need to carry to attain a very basic task in everyday life, in itself the process is CODING! Planning a holiday or a day in our life, is in fact CODING a list of sequenced instructions that we need to carry.

Considering our world is becoming more and more digital, filled with smart devices that allow us to turn on our lights 15 minutes before we arrive home or lock our front doors as we leave, learning to code will help kids better understand –and control– their world. In the IT world, CODING is nothing more than telling your computer what to do in a language the computer understands. As parents and teachers, we should strive to give our kids the best possible education and tools so they can thrive in an entrepreneurial and innovation-led society, as well gear them up towards the next generation of opportunities. It is a known and published fact that EU is making the impossible to promote the extreme need of individuals in ICT Industry for the next 10-20 years.

Having pioneered the ICT training business for the past 33 years, using various platforms including private courses, closer to home community training centres and projects, e-learning and TV education, this is yet another opportunity for TCTC to be instrumental in the promotion and training of AI in Malta.

AI & Coding, together with ROBOTICA for KIDS is the project that will see TCTC bridging the gaps between the conventional ICT and this emerging AI and Blockchain opportunities. It is of paramount importance that kids, as well their parents be trained towards this new innovative technology that our nation is spearheading across the globe.

What we are proposing with Robotica Nation for kids this Summer?

It is just amazing how they can turn their creativity in moving objects!

In this kids’ robotics training course, students are taught engineering basics with an emphasis on exploration, trial and error field testing. Instead of simply ''snapping bricks together'', students are encouraged to think critically and logically about how and why their design needs to adapt to changing conditions. Our Guided, personalised instruction allows younger kids to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use pulleys and inclined planes - and this is just designed for kids from age 5. Must have finished the kindergarten. This training is suitable for aged 5 - 14 years .... Boys & Girls!! 

What are we proposing with AI and CODING for kids?

During this course can learn how to use critical thinking, logic and problem-solving skills to complete puzzles while learning programming concepts such as sequencing, repetition, arithmetic and conditional logic. As they create games, stories, and art with code, they learn how to apply these concepts.

TCTC will use popular and tested CODING LANGUAGES for kids of this age, starting from SCRATCH, PYTHON and more activities through games and basic math/ logic skills.

Together with the Department of AI, at the University of Malta, TCTC will include AI training in the course curriculum.

Each course is of 16 hours duration and runs across the WHOLE SUMMER starting in July and end in September. 

Boys and Girls between the ages of 5 to 14 years can apply for this course. We do not recommend younger or elder students, unless in special cases. Parents of kids with special conditions, will be allowed to attend for the course with their kids. This is allowed upon a formal request to TCTC.

  • STAGE 1 - 5 to 6 years of age.
  • STAGE 2 - 7 to 8 years of age.
  • STAGE 3 – 9 to 10 years of age.
  • STAGE 4 – 11 to 12 years of age.
  • STAGE 5 – 13 to 14 years of age.


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**Special Offer** Both the Robotica and CODING+AI courses cost €75.00 each, BUT when applied together, the fee is further subsidised by another €25.00 on each course. This means that for BOTH courses, TWICE weekly for 8 weeks in Summer 2019, the parent will pay €100.00.

Price: € 100
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